Imperfections are so beautiful, like literally. Imperfections make us unique.

In this world of similar bizarre perfections which people have set and standardized on their own, there lie imperfections – so complicated, with hundreds of hidden tales, waiting to be told.

I want to get tangled with all those imperfections, and go into the depths, to find out the roots and causes of those and the change incurred because of them. The impact they’ve created in the world, the world of an individual, and the world as a whole.

I don’t want to talk about a problem-free world, i want to talk about problems and their solutions, and their impact on people. I want to talk about happiness, that doesn’t stem from external sources, but from within.

I’m definitely writing more on it. Can’t wait to share it with you!


Thinking out loud #2

There’s something that happened today and made me wonder if that happens with you guys as well.

So the weather was really nice today and i was in such a good mood. That mood when nothing really happens but you’re happy; smiling, laughing all the time, you feel like dancing –  and everything you hear is music, there’s something in the air, that you keep breathing and it makes you feel so alive, like nothing really matters, and you feel like you’d never be sad again.

So people often say that if you’re too happy/ecstatic/high, something terrible is going to happen later. I’ve never really believed in these kind of myths but that’s exactly what happened today, and has happened a couple of times before.

I’m sitting outside, chatting with friends, smiling, laughing..After a while, i get up and and come in to chat with my mom. So she was totally fine like literally 10-15 min before and now she’s not okay. She’s cranky – all of a sudden. Starts talking to everybody in a really bad mood. And i’m just standing there thinking “OH NO PLEASE NOT NOW PLEASE!!”. But lol what has to happen happens anyway. So it’s been a while now – i have headache, and i’m planning to go to sleep, forgetting the idea of never being sad again haha!

Does this happen to anyone else too or is it just me?





Thinking out loud #1

Strangely, out of nowhere (actually somewhere) something occurred to me and that is; “Isn’t it weird/strange/idon’tknowwhat how people almost always relate everything good with themselves and everything bad with others?

Why don’t we ever find anybody sharing something unethical with a friend or on social media along with a “so me”?

Any specific reason behind people acting in this particular manner? What is the force behind this which drives people and their minds. What is it that makes people try to prove themselves to the world?

Hope to get at least a few reasons behind this!

*Thinking out loud*


Ever curious,


Weird self stories #2

Image credits: Mahroosaraza, a dynamo, a shrinking violet, an ambivert

On being nice to everybody

Hi guys. I don’t know why and how but whenever I begin writing something that is to be shared with you guys I start feeling ecstatic lol. But anyway!

So this one is important, and crazily annoying, sometimes.

There’s something called “being nice” and there’s something known as “people pleaser” and a lot of other terms but I’m not sure which category I fall in. All I know is that I just can’t say no to anyone!

I’ve never actually found anything bad in being nice to everybody but in the past couple of years, I’ve seen people take me for granted just because when you try to act nicely with everyone and try to please everyone, you lose your worth somehow.

Not sure if this is actually true or not but I feel like by being nice to everybody all the time and being available for people all the time, you lose your charm, and importance and some other things also that I can’t seem to remember. Do you agree that this happens?

I tend to be nice and sweet and open even towards people I hardly know. I’ll meet someone at a party and start talking to him/her like I’ve known him/her for a very long time. Lol I know I know that’s funny but that’s how I am!! I like being nice to people, but the point of the matter is that I also continue being nice to people that talk ill about me or those who ignore me or whatever, just because I don’t want to be bad to anyone.

But there’s a difference between being bad with people and being YOU. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being nice but why do I have to be available for people all the time? Even for those who’re not available for me all the time. That’s where I lose it. I’ve noticed people tend to like those who’re bold and who just act the way they like it, not the way how others like it. Yeah?

So maybe I should try to change myself a little bit, by not being bad to anyone but I just need to be myself! If a joke doesn’t look funny to me i don’t need to laugh just for the sake of the person sending or telling me joke right?? And vice versa.

If I’m not in a mood for something I need not say yes just because the sake of other people right?

Sigh! That’s gonna be hard for me but let’s just give it a try cuz damn I’ve seen people change!!! They changeee if you’re available for them all the time and they start taking you for granted!!

Lol whatever,



Happy Twenty Eighteen fellas!!

You might be wondering if i’m high or something, i’m actually not. That’s how i normally act (crazy)!

Anyway, i feel happy to say that the year 2017 has been the most productive year of my life so far. I’ve been involved into so much, all of which were things that i’ve always wanted to do (GOALS!).

So at the start of this year, i hope and pray that we all do crazy stuff (keeping our limits ofcourse) that makes us happy, be as productive as we can be, and jump higher than we can, and fly while our feet remain on Earth.



The unique blogger award

Hi everybody.

Thankyou Discovering your happiness for nominating me for the unique blogger award. Be sure to check out the blog. I always try reading all the blogs as they all have something positive and a lesson in them.




  1. Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  2. Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
  3. Nominate 8 to 13 bloggers for the same award
  4. Ask 3 questions

Answering Questions:

  1. What are your 2018 goals?

2017, to be very honest, has been a GREAT year so far, except the fact that my social anxiety has been troublesome in terms of mental peace. Still I’ve kept myself very busy and throughout the year in things that I love doing and that has helped a lot. I feel so happy to say (as this year is ending) that this year, I’ve done almost everything that I’ve ever wanted to do which includes; travelling, writing, starting 2 blogs, photography, studying, reading, editing, learning skills like photo/video editing, graphic designing and somehow still have been able to give time to my family as well.

So yeah, for now, the goal for 2018 would be to continue doing stuff that I love doing, and most important goal would be to fight and cure my social anxiety and grow happily, laughing all the way towards achieving my goals.

Setting up new routines for my physical and mental health like morning walk, yoga and meditation.

And last but not the least, spreading positivity as there is already a lot of negativity in the world :’)

2. What are your top three ways to reduce stress?

  • Reading and writing
  • Photography or editing
  • travelling

3. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Lol that’s a tough one for me as I hardly do long term planning, which is I know not good but maybe, enjoying the success of my new entrepreneurial venture that I haven’t yet started.

My Nominees:

  1. James Edgar Skye, the bipolar writer
  2. Words from a little person
  3. Beauty, fashion and lifestyle
  4. Sara in La La Land
  5. Merbear’s world
  6. Damn girl get your shit together

My questions:

  • What to like the most in people you love?
  • What would you like to say if you get a chance to say it before you die and who would you prefer saying it to?
  • What is your biggest fear?

Please answer the following questions as well if you feel comfortable:

  1. What do you regret the most?
  2. If you’re given a chance to forget one thing in life, what would that be?
  3. What do you think is the most imp thing for bringing humans closer to each other?


Can’t wait to read your replies.

Stay happy stay blessed ❤





Lost in the crowd

Ever felt like being alone while being in a crowd?

Sometimes (well most of the times actually), I find my mind running around aimlessly, randomly creating unnecessary thoughts. After a long (unconscious moment) I’d realize that I’ve not been here, I was somewhere else, with someone else, into somebody else’s mind maybe? Or not anywhere actually. Maybe. Yeah.

So the point of the matter being, that i often feel lost, publicly, lost, being nowhere. That’s what continuous thinking does to you. I’d try to concentrate on something and then realize after I-don’t-know how long, that i wasn’t paying attention to anything. This happens a lot. Like A LOT!!

Today’s the second day of my job, and while I was busy noticing people (how they’re talking, how they laugh, how tired they look, how confident or shy they are and the list goes on). So while I was doing this that is, wasting my time lol. I realized that this really needs to be cured before it’s too late. Like, I can’t sit like this and study people all the time, I need to get to my work otherwise how the hell am I going to grow/succeed??

So I was just thinking that it might be a good idea, to start with meditation, every morning before coming to office maybe? That might help me concentrate better on whatever I’m doing. YESS! NEED MOTIVATION! ARE YOU ALL WITH ME??!! 😀




Perfectly Imperfect #1

Isn’t it just so beautiful how everything sometimes seem to be so perfect while being completely imperfect?

Today marks such a day, like many others, when i feel completely out of anxiety, happy, optimistic, like never before.

So happy that i feel, felt like sharing this positivity with you.

Wishing happiness for everyone, those who’re happy, and those who aren’t, and those who’re struggling in any way, i want to tell you, that you’ll be fine, you’ll just be fine. God has made you strong, just don’t give up, and you shall rise again. Higher than ever before, strong and happy, than ever before.



Deadly Death Thoughts #1

Hi guys!

So I have my next exam tomorrow and here I am, writing another piece for you all. But it’s fine, I still have a few hours to study.

Ok so this is about some weird but realistic thoughts that often keep my mind busy and sometimes make it horribly unbearable, making it difficult to engage in daily life tasks.

Have you ever felt like quitting everything because nothing matters as we’re all eventually gonna die??

I’d be glad if you have, because I feel like I’m the only stupid person on this planet (register the kind of negativity an anxiety patient holds haha) to have such thoughts, trying to run away from reality. Day and night, worrying about leaving everyone, or someone I love.

I’d sometimes think what if I don’t wake up the next morning? The question hence leading to a long question and answer session between me and..………me. (That goes on somewhat like this)

Me: “What if I die today? What’s the purpose of struggling every day when we all have to die eventually?”

Also me: “Ahh! What is wrong with you again? Stop thinking about it, this is how life works, when everybody’s fine with the fact, why aren’t you?”

Me: *Stops thinking for a minute* “But how can people forget that they have to die? Why doesn’t death bother them? What if (God forbid) they don’t wake up the next morning, how can they live peacefully with this reality? Aren’t they scared of dying?”

Also me: “They must be, but they’re not silly, they don’t atleast ruin their days in which they’re alive, in thought of times when they won’t be.”

Me: “Right! I shouldn’t be thinking about it, but wait, I cannot run away from something which is a fact. Everyone has to die.”

Also me: “Yes we all have to die, but can’t be thinking about it all the time. Focus on today.”

Me: “But I don’t want people to die”

Also me: “Arghhh! What the hell is wrong with you again?”

Me: “I DON’T KNOW!! Ok stop thinking about it and focus on something else. Something exciting. Yeah, Okay! Everything’s cool!”

Also me: “Thank God! Now stay the same. Enjoy your life!”


Me: “And what if I die? Will people miss me? (Thinks about a long list of people that I want to miss me when I’m gone), and what if they don’t? And how am I going to tell them that I miss them? People that I love and haven’t told them yet. They should know that I’ll miss them, and I still do. I don’t tell them cuz I know we’re both alive, but what if one of us doesn’t wake up the next morning? How will I live with the fact that I didn’t tell them?”

Third me: “Ok so you should tell them that you love them”

Me: “But what if they don’t respond? What if they don’t want to talk to me? What if they don’t like me? What if my words annoy them? What if………………..followed by a long list of more what ifs.”

Also me: It’s not important what they’d think about you. The only thing that matters is that you love them, and you should tell them, what’s wrong with it? How they’d respond is their problem. You want to say it, say it, say it for your peace!”

Me: “No but what if they don’t reply? That’ll make me feel bad.”

Also me: “Why do you care?”


Also me: “Ok stay calm, these thoughts will eventually subside. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine”

Fourth me: “This is depressing though”


Third me: “Okay!”

Me: *starts whispering* “Let’s tell them what I feel about them. I love them yay!!”

Fourth me: *Whispers* “No need to text everyone, for you’ll feel bad, IF they don’t reply”

Real Me: ………………………………………… *Never texts anybody*

^ A was a glimpse of how such thoughts make it difficult to focus on life, little things happening around. Making me feel tired, almost all the time.

And the thoughts really do subside, eventually, for a day, or some days, just to come back again, with same kind of intensity. With more questions and more disturbing thoughts.

Sorry but lol, even I feel frustrated after writing this, you must be feeling weird too. Nevermind! Let it go!

Don’t let such thoughts disturb your happy life. Be Happy, Stay Happy, Love yourself, Love people, that’s everything this life is about! ❤




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